One day Taryn Manning, one day! (Aka crazy notion or epically awesome idea).


Sometimes in life, you just realise something. In this case, I realised something because I simply had never had the need to think about it before. It occurred to me that whilst from my point of view, I am just being excited about writing and getting cool projects going with even cooler folks, that to others, I might just come across as a crazy stalker man, albeit a crazy stalker man with a winning personality and sparkling wit. Just to be clear, I am not a crazy stalker man (and yes, I know, that is exactly what a crazy stalker man would say; double edged sword or what?) I am just a person trying to make a life as a writer and my enthusiasm sometimes runs away with me (think of me as that puppy who once it has found out how much fun toilet roll can be, is never going to stop playing with it, inspite of how many stern words my owner has with me or if they post a picture of me on Facebook with a cardboard plaque of shame listing my dire crimes). 

To give context to all this (and the post title), I am going to tell you about something I actually did two weeks ago. For anyone who doesn’t know, Taryn Manning plays Pensatucky in ‘Orange is the New Black’ (great show for your information – see? I keep my promises about not abbreviating words for my beloved readers). I genuinely think she is a fantastic actress and her performance in the show is so good that it made me want to write a show for her to star in (and the more observant among you can probably guess where I am going with this). So, I naturally did what any aspiring author with no… 

Interlude – I was going to write with ‘no real credits to his name…’ but then stopped. One part of my brain had a go at another part of my brain for not giving me credit for the six plays I have written or co-written and that I should not be so hard on myself. 

Interlude within an Interlude – All this multiple brain talk is probably not helping to dispel the ‘crazy stalker man’ concept. Hey ho!

…real credits to his name, except for the six plays I have either written or co-written does and tweeted Taryn Manning direct and asked her if she would want to star in a tv show written specifically for her. She has yet to respond. Yet, in all seriousness, I am going to remain hopeful. Of course I know that she probably thought I was insane/a stalker/both/and possibly more, yet, I know that in my heart, I really want to write a show for her and seeing as most of my life currently consists of hoping for seemingly impossible things, why not add one more? Is it really any different to my dream of one day getting a guest spot on The Simpsons or The Muppets (although with the latter, I am going to have to hope they recommission the show in my life-time first) or that perhaps if I learn Korean I will get invited to be on ‘Running Man’ (this is a South Korean (relax America, they the cool ones) tv show akin to ‘It’s A Knockout’. ‘It’s A Knockout’ is akin to ‘Total Wipeout’ for anyone too young to remember ‘It’s A Knockout’).

They are all dreams, and as the song goes, ‘you gotta have a dream to make a dream come true’. So, I am going to (a: write the show regardless, (b: not be a crazy stalker man (I think this one is very important) and (c: I don’t need a c, because a and b were so bloody good. In the long run, the only way to tell whether something is a crazy notion or an epically awesome idea, is to let it be in the long run. Perhaps, one day, Taryn (yes, we are on a first name basis in the future) and I will clink our champagne glasses together to celebrate her best actress Emmy and my best writer Emmy, look back on that first crazy tweet and laugh. Although, I expect she will always ask her bodyguard to keep one eye on me. 

Take care buddies, 



About davidmbeecroft

Hello and welcome to my blog. Please feel free to have an explore. My name is David Beecroft. I am 38 years old. I co-founded and ran a small scale touring theatre company called Screwed & Clued in 1998. I went on to tour the Canadian Fringe Theatre Festival circuit over the following five years. I have written six original plays, the last ‘The Poe Show’ won a Best in Fest award at the 2014 Ottawa Fringe Festival. I worked in a social care setting for ten years and now work in a special needs school. I have sent my first novel off to agents and considering self-publishing if that does not work. I co-host a radio show on Surrey Hills Community Radio called Daves of the Week where we feature charities for a six week period. I live with my fiance and two pet Degus. I started this blog when suffering from depression and attending therapy, so a large part of this blog was about my experience and thoughts of that. Since then I am in a much better place and I write about life after depression and how I stay (or try to) ahead of it happening again. I also like to look at the happier sides of life and try to put a positive spin on serious subjects.

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