Live From The Booth 7 – If You Like Pina Coladas… (I do not anymore).

Live From The Booth 7 – If You Like Pina Coladas… (I do not anymore).

Today I was testing Pina Coladas for my food tasting job. At first when I saw ‘Pina Coladas’ I thought yay! Then I saw that it was non-alcoholic and I thought boo! I have a special hatred for non-alcoholic drinks. It is not because they lack alcohol (but seriously, who would drink Pina Coladas with no rum?) but rather that they are stealthed in with the proper alcoholic drinks. They don’t even give them a special stand separate from other proper drinks so people can know to avoid them. And yes, I once bought a bottle of wine that was non-alcoholic by mistake and spent the evening wondering why I was not get squiffy as planned.

But back to the food tasting. I had 32 shots of non-alcoholic Pina Coladas, which equals one litre of the stuff. They were placed on my table in rows of eight and I felt like that scene in Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark where his love interest is doing shots with a guy to win money.  In essence I was earning money, but it lacked the tension of drinking with gun toting bad guys. The drink was essentially pineapple juice and coconut cream. Lets just say it got a little much by sample 12. On the plus side, the pineapple juice has to count as one of my five a day right?

It was a weird test too. We had to hold the drink in our mouths and press start on the ipad. Then we had to say what the dominant flavour was. In all cases, it was pineapple. We then had to swallow and click swallow and say what the dominant after-taste was. Again, in all cases, it was pineapple.

I am sitting here feeling quite sick and wondering what this food tasting malarky is doing to my poor tummy. The things I do to earn a buck. One final thought for you. If water biscuits are used in food testing to cleanse the palate between samples, what do they use to clean the palate when it is water biscuits that are being tested?

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