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What Next?

What Next?

Does anyone else find it really hard to write about themselves? I can write about other people and promote the hell out of them, but when it comes to me doing the same thing for myself, I have the same level of aversion that Vampires have to garlic. Still, I know that I am going to have to become better at selling myself (not in a whorish way, but then again, if agents don’t pick up my book soon…) so I am forcing myself to write this rather than running away and hiding. (I can’t tell you my hiding place, it is super special and defeats the point of hiding in the first place).

Now, I know this is not a stellar way to invite a reader to carry on going, but I figure that I have no idea what other people will like or not and I can’t try and please the whole world, so I will just write and if anyone cares to read it then it is an added bonus.

So, now therapy has been completed, I am thinking about what next for little ol’ me now I have more free time. It turns out, I have quite a lot going on. I sometimes get carried away (or enthusiastic as I prefer to think of it) and say yes to a lot of ideas. This is a good thing in that I get to work with cool people on a variety of different things. It is true, my head may have been a little scatty this week, but that really isn’t anything new.

So, these are my current projects. When they all turn into global successes, you can say you knew about them before anyone else and that you are irrefutably cool. Just don’t turn on me when I do make it by saying ‘Man, I knew all this before he got popular. Everyone else is joining the bandwagon). I don’t deserve that. I am good people.

My lovely little book ‘The Time Keepers’ Union’ is about to go off on another journey to agents. I have made it easy for agents this time by sending it a month before Christmas, so they can give me an awesome pressie by signing me up. That really is very kind of me I think.

‘Alien Nation’ – a one man play set in space is almost at completed first draft stage. It is completely different to anything I have written before, so thanks to Stewart Matthews for pushing me in new and exciting directions. Only downside, the films Gravity and Interstellar are killing me with their timings. I try and avoid anything similar to what I am working on for fear of anyone saying I am copying. I read a review of Interstellar where it mentions a certain scene and I literally shouted ‘Godammit.’ on a train as it was too similar to an idea I had and I knew I could no longer use it.

I am in the research phase of my next book idea. I can’t say too much, not because I am trying to build a sense of suspense, but because I do not know what it is going to be yet.

I have started working on a sitcom with someone. I won’t say who it is at the moment because I am trying to build a sense of suspense here. I am loving it so far and really looking forward to getting into it. On a side note, it is the first time in over ten years that I have written with anyone else. So long control freak side of me.

I am also working on a video blogging idea with another someone else. Please see the previous paragraph re: suspense building. I am not certain where it will go, but half the fun of things is finding out.

The songs for ‘The Orphic Blues’ musical are being written to go along with the script I wrote, so I am insanely excited about that and can’t wait to hear the songs. Why the excitement? Well, I have written plays before, but plays with music? That is an extra cherry on top situation.

Lastly, but certainly not leastly, I have an idea for a podcast type thing with my beloved other half. I need to do it soon before she gets her doctorate and becomes above all the silliness. Although, in my head I can hear her shout in her silly voice ‘I will never become above all the silliness.’ I did walk in the other day to find her singing ‘1,2,3,4,5, once I caught a fish alive.’ To her credit, and it is one of the many reasons I love her, she carried on when I walked in and finished the song. Atta girl.

I have one or two other possibilities in the pipeline and I will see how they go. I might tell you in due course. If you are nice that is. I can be easily bribed with cakes.

On that note, I best stop writing about what I write and get on with the actual writing.

Take care buddies,


Negatives into Positives 6.

Negatives into Positives 6.

Someone has done something so offensive that someone else is spinning in their grave in disgust? No problem. Simply get the person to continue being offensive and then harness the power generated by the spinning corpse and convert it into energy, finally solving the scientific riddle of how to achieve perpetual motion and the Earth’s reliance on fossil fuels in one fell swoop.