Womb Envy Wednesday – The End.

Womb Envy Wednesday – The End.

That’s all folks. It is with a slight note of sadness that I pen my last Womb Envy Wednesday post. I had my last therapy session today. Now I think about it, it didn’t feel like a session at all. I guess all the pressure was off by this point. It was a bittersweet session as I am going to miss my therapist and my time with her. She really has helped me over the past year so I have much fondness for her (but nothing inappropriate).

Today I started off by telling her the reason I was now sure that I was able to give up therapy. Something happened yesterday that bugged me. I won’t go into details as it isn’t important and it’s kind of boring. In a nutshell something happened that annoyed me. I got angry. A minute later I asked myself what I was angry about? Then I figured out that I wasn’t angry at the person and that I realised that I was actually in the wrong. I then apologised and felt much better.

This is the reason I am ok with stopping therapy. This is something that I would have had to take to therapy before. It would have irritated me for a week before I could talk to my therapist and discover what I was really feeling. Now, I am able to do this for myself. I have learnt to be more open minded and to self-reflect on things so I can figure out what is really going on and not fly off the handle at things that did not deserve any handle flying in the first place.

My therapist mentioned something that I found interesting. She said that I have changed physically recently. I think she means that as I have become less depressed and stressed my physicality has altered. Looking back to  when I first started therapy, I must have looked all tense and scrunched up. I know I used to have trouble making eye contact and I would often sit drawn up in a protective position and talk into my chest.

I took a moment to notice how I was sitting today. I was sitting back in an open relaxed position and I kept eye contact for the most part. I can’t just stare at people all the time. I would look weird. I am also hoping that I am looking healthier and happier. I don’t like to judge my appearance too much, but I will take a compliment when it is offered to me.

She asked me how I felt about her reading my blog posts about my therapy. I said it was fine. She knows most of what I have written anyway as I discussed it with her first. I hope she likes them.

Then it was time to end. I even went two minutes over my time. She said that it was nice that I didn’t feel the need to rush off.

And that my dear friends is that. New projects with cool people await. Two plays have to be finished. Agents need to be written to about my book. A new book has to be started. All in all, I think that is a great place to stop therapy and start another journey.

Take care buddies,



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Hello and welcome to my blog. Please feel free to have an explore. My name is David Beecroft. I am 38 years old. I co-founded and ran a small scale touring theatre company called Screwed & Clued in 1998. I went on to tour the Canadian Fringe Theatre Festival circuit over the following five years. I have written six original plays, the last ‘The Poe Show’ won a Best in Fest award at the 2014 Ottawa Fringe Festival. I worked in a social care setting for ten years and now work in a special needs school. I have sent my first novel off to agents and considering self-publishing if that does not work. I co-host a radio show on Surrey Hills Community Radio called Daves of the Week where we feature charities for a six week period. I live with my fiance and two pet Degus. I started this blog when suffering from depression and attending therapy, so a large part of this blog was about my experience and thoughts of that. Since then I am in a much better place and I write about life after depression and how I stay (or try to) ahead of it happening again. I also like to look at the happier sides of life and try to put a positive spin on serious subjects.

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