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My Tie Diary – Raising Awareness of Mental Health.

My Tie Diary – Raising Awareness of Mental Health.

On the Daves of the Week radio show I co-host, I had the good fortune to interview and learn about a young gentleman called George Hunter and his lovely mum Gillian who have set up the My Tie Diary campaign to raise awareness of mental health. As this subject is close to my heart, I wanted to give George some much deserved promotion.

George is 17 years old and he has decided to promote awareness of mental health in a rather unusual, yet very inventive way. George is wearing a different tie everyday of the school year and his campaign is based around the concept that no-one should feel alone when dealing with mental health issues and that it is fine to talk about this subject without feeling ashamed.

The ties come into it in a few ways. The different ties represent that we are individuals and that not two people are alike. George also uses the ties he is sent to sell in charity shops to raise money for Mind and Young Mind and also has the plan to auction ties from celebrities to raise money for a befriending scheme for the Mary Francis Trust.

I won’t give too many more details, as I am going to gently encourage you to pop over to his webpage and look for yourself. While you are there, if you feel inspired to donate a tie or donate money to the scheme you are in luck, as you can do both of those things on the webpage. Lastly, I would ask that you help spread awareness of what George is doing and what he hopes to achieve.

The link for the webpage is below.


As mentioned at the start of the post, I interviewed George and Gillian on the show, and if you would like to hear it you can do so on Mixcloud on the link below.

The interview starts at 26.51 but if you are feeling generous, you can listen to the rest of the show to boot.

Finally, you can listen back to past shows discussing charities, mental health and more on Mixcloud by searching for Daves of the Week.