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Tackling Depression The Same Way I Tackle Computer Games – Part 2.

Tackling Depression The Same Way I Tackle Computer Games – Part 2.

So, I have had a few more ideas about this. I say a few, I mean a lot. I will share a few today and more in the days to come.

Get A Companion.

In World of Warcraft, you can get a host of companions to travel by your side. My favourite was Mr Pinchy because it was the same as the lobster Homer Simpson had for a pet before eating him. So, in real life, get a pet. A pet can help improve mild and moderate depression. I have two pet Degus (Chilean ground squirrels) and when I am feeling a little down, I go over and teach them to high five me,or as I call it, ‘Paw on Paw.’ It does make me feel happier. The good thing about a pet is that I find easier to be down in front of a pet than my girlfriend or my friends. I don’t feel the same level of social embarrassment. Besides, as long as I am feeding them they don’t seem to mind either way. I will one day get a dog, and that will be the best.

Clean Out Your Inventory.

Again with World of Warcraft, you always hit a stage where you are miles from anywhere and all your bags are full. I ended up trashing grey items to make space rather than running back to the nearest town. The days before they gave you a mount at low levels were a bugger. So, today, I did a good old clean of my flat. I find it is soothing for me to clean and helps me clear space in my flat and more importantly, space in my head. It is a kind of mental de-cluttering. Give it a go. Throw out old clothes. Treat yourself to some new ones. If you, like me, have little money, charity shops are for the win.

Rethink The Encounter.

Rather than repeatedly run at Bane when he is super-charged with Venom when playing as Batman in Arkham Origins, I perhaps should have considered a different tactic. As he was constantly punches me to death, then just perhaps, it is worth avoiding him. If something is not working for you in real life, reconsider how you are doing it. I was on anti-depressants for ages that were making me so much worse. It took me a long time even realise that I could say to my doctor ‘I don’t think these are working for me.’ I mean, he was the doctor and was just this depressed person. Who was I to question him? The answer is I was the one on the medication and I was the one who knew exactly how they were not helping me. The doctor even said ‘Sometimes it is a lottery to find the right tablets that work for each individual.’

More advice to come in due course.

Take care buddies,