Somewhere in the middle is the right place to be.

Somewhere in the middle is the right place to be.

So, I have been thinking about a few things this week. They all pretty much centre around ‘how to be’ in this modern world of ours. I have been oscillating between two extremes in terms of points of view. If someone upsets me for instance, I go from ‘Screw them. That’s why you don’t help people.’ to ‘Well, they might have been upset about something else, so I better not judge them and they are probably more in need of sympathy because of it.’ I tie myself up in knots trying to see things from other people’s point of view and react accordingly. It is bloody exhausting and I never seem to know what is the right thing to do in the end.

I wondered if there is such a thing as hyper self-awareness. It seems that there is. I feel almost painfully aware of how others might be feeling and probably cause myself emotional harm in doing it all the time, even to the extent that I would rather defend someone who is blatantly in the wrong that have them feel bad for being wrong. This sounds silly as I type it.

As a result, I am thinking where to find my middle ground. The more I thought about it, the more simple it seemed to me. Well, in theory anyway. I have tended to have problems with putting good ideas into practise. However, I shall endeavor to keep trying. It seems to me to boil down to finding a sensible place between two opposites.

Be honest but not cruel. Be thick skinned but remain kind inside. Be helpful but don’t be a doormat. Be confident yet not arrogant. Be generous but don’t give everything away. Be passionate but not overbearing. Know the difference between banter and venom. (The last one is a throwback to my high school days, but I think it stands the test of time).

As I said, it seems simple enough. Now to go and try to put into practise.

Take care buddies,



About davidmbeecroft

Hello and welcome to my blog. Please feel free to have an explore. My name is David Beecroft. I am 38 years old. I co-founded and ran a small scale touring theatre company called Screwed & Clued in 1998. I went on to tour the Canadian Fringe Theatre Festival circuit over the following five years. I have written six original plays, the last ‘The Poe Show’ won a Best in Fest award at the 2014 Ottawa Fringe Festival. I worked in a social care setting for ten years and now work in a special needs school. I have sent my first novel off to agents and considering self-publishing if that does not work. I co-host a radio show on Surrey Hills Community Radio called Daves of the Week where we feature charities for a six week period. I live with my fiance and two pet Degus. I started this blog when suffering from depression and attending therapy, so a large part of this blog was about my experience and thoughts of that. Since then I am in a much better place and I write about life after depression and how I stay (or try to) ahead of it happening again. I also like to look at the happier sides of life and try to put a positive spin on serious subjects.

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  1. Very good analysis of what si many struggle with. I strive to take the zrn approach. and ‘eat when hungry, sleep when tired’. Thete is no definitive right or wrong because to try and make one creates a life souly based on paradigm….what fun would that be?

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  2. Taking the time to evaluate how others might be feeling in a given situation is a rare and laudable attribite. Too few people bother, so I think it’s probably better to fall farther on the too much side than the not enough side.

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